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Taxmobile.Online is a social enterprise created for the mutual benefit of taxpayers, tax professionals and tax administrators to advance your tax knowledge. With a focus on making tax compliance and tax practice easy for you, we advance the interest of every tax stakeholder through our CARE (Community, Advocacy, Resources & Education) agenda.

About Us

For more than decade, Taxmobile.Online has advanced initiatives and programmes that make navigating tax compliance and professional practice easy for all concerned stakeholders.

With our platform, we empower all taxpayers, tax professionals, researchers, students, and tax administrators to access timely and relevant information, learn from industry experts and network with peers. We are constantly innovating and expanding our services to meet the needs and expectations of our global audience. Our mission is simple: To make tax easy and fun for everyone.

What we do

Taxmobile.Online Community

Taxmobile.Online has one of the most vibrant WhatsApp communities. With proficient tax professionals, renowned academics, and captains of industries, the Taxmobile.Online community offers a solution haven for their members’ concerns or information needs. Members get premium advisory in our community for free by sharing their concerns, and client’s case studies among others. Added to this is that the community allows members to air their views about policies which it believes are not favourable to the interest of tax stakeholders.

Taxmobile.Online Academy

Taxmobile.Online offers various cohort-based courses that meet the demands and needs of our audience. From instructor-led to pre-recorded sessions, our classes are simplified and tailored towards helping tax stakeholders unlearn, learn and relearn industry best practices. Our courses also incorporate labs, case studies and virtual experiences to drive home key learning objectives for our course participants.

We currently offer courses in Certificate in Applied Taxation, Certificate in Transfer Pricing, Certificate in International Taxation, Certificate in VAT and Customs Duties, Certificate in Corporate Taxation, Certificate in Tax Audit and Investigation, Certificate in Tax Administration & Certificate in Local Government Revenue Administration.

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African Tax Review

Our full-fledged tax blog captures, reports and analyzes all tax stories in Africa with professional insights. Stay up to date with the latest tax events and stories on the continent with us.

The Bookshop

We understand there is no way tax compliance will be easy to navigate without access to timely resources be it books, circulars and/or analyses. This reality led us to create an Online Bookshop as a hub of resources for our teeming audience. With regular updates of materials, you can be sure of getting the most accurate resource on the Taxmobile.Online Bookshop. Coming soon to the bookshop will also be our virtual library.

Taxmobile.Online Virtual Tax Coaching Programme

Taxmobile.Online Virtual Tax Coaching Programme is designed to provide tax practitioners, tax professionals, and tax enthusiasts with the guidance, support, and resources they need to excel in their profession. This service can be customized to meet the needs of individual practitioners, professionals, and enthusiasts. This typically includes a combination of coaching, training, and consulting.

Some of the key benefits of our tax coaching programme include:

Overall, our tax coaching programme is an excellent investment for participants who want to enhance their skills, build their businesses, and achieve their professional goals.

Please note that our Tax coaching specialists do not provide legal and financial advice, and the information provided during the Tax coaching sessions and subsequent email support does not constitute a legal Tax opinion. Our Tax coaching specialists do not prepare or assist you in completing or filing tax returns.

Question & Answer Room

This is our exclusive room for taxpayers and tax professionals to get comprehensive expert answers and clarifications to all your tax-related questions and concerns; attended to by a tax faculty comprised of tax experts with more than 15 years of industry practice. It is a wealth of tax resources and guidance at your fingertips. With just NGN50,000 ($50) annual subscription that runs from January to December, you get access to our Q&A room all year round.

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