Elevate Your Tax Career With Our Tax Coaching Programme

Are you ready to take your tax career to the next level? Taxmobile.Online’s comprehensive 12-week coaching program, designed for aspiring and experienced tax professionals like you, empowers you with the knowledge and practical skills to excel in the dynamic Nigerian tax landscape.

This program operates on a Cohort basis, with the first cohort starting in October 2024 and ending in December 2024. Subsequent cohorts will begin quarterly. Our 12-week comprehensive curriculum is meticulously crafted to benefit both aspiring and current tax professionals. Whether you’re preparing for professional exams such as CITN, ICAN, or ANAN, or looking to deepen your expertise in tax practice, our programme is tailored to meet your needs. You will also gain practical experience in writing Tax Opinions, Transfer Pricing Documentation, among other valuable skills.

Building on Success: This Tax Coaching Programme is a result of your feedback! We took our popular Transfer Pricing Virtual Experience Programme, focused solely on transfer pricing, and expanded it to encompass a wider range of tax topics. Based on your requests, we’ve also made the program more affordable, allowing you to gain a comprehensive tax skillset.

Two Enrollment Options to Suit Your Needs

Regular Coaching –  Limited to 20 Participants: Collaborate with fellow tax professionals, benefit from group discussions, and enjoy a cost-effective learning experience. Session Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 10am WAT

Premium Coaching (One-on-One): Enjoy personalized coaching at your preferred time (with 48 hours notice) and receive dedicated attention from your instructor. Gain the ultimate flexibility to master tax at your own pace.

Why Choose Taxmobile.Online Tax Coaching Programme?

Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned tax professionals who bring a wealth of experience and insights. Benefit from their expertise and get personalized feedback to enhance your understanding and application of tax principles.

Flexible Learning Options: We understand that everyone has different learning needs and schedules.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our 12-week course covers everything you need to know about tax in Nigeria, from income tax fundamentals to international taxation and digital tax management. With in-depth sessions, practical case studies, and interactive learning, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to excel in your career. See our curriculum below:

Week 1: Introduction and Overview
– Orientation and Introduction to Tax Coaching
– Overview of the Nigerian Tax System
– Current Tax Legislation and Reforms
– Taxation Authorities in Nigeria
– Case Studies: Recent Changes in Tax Laws

Week 2: Income Tax Fundamentals
– Personal Income Tax (PIT) Overview
– Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Overview
– Self-Assessment and Filing Procedures
– Taxable and Non-Taxable Income
– Deductions, Reliefs, and Allowances
– Special Topic: Writing Tax Opinion Letters
– Case Studies:Common Income Tax Scenarios

Week 3: Value Added Tax (VAT) and Other Indirect Taxes
– Introduction to VAT
– VAT Registration and Compliance
– Computation of VAT
– Excise Duties
– Customs Duties
– Special Topic:Responding to Tax Authorities’ Queries
– Case Studies: VAT Compliance and Disputes

Week 4: Taxation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
– Tax Compliance for SMEs
– Tax Incentives for SMEs
– Record Keeping and Documentation
– Tax Planning Strategies
– Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
– Special Topic: Interpreting Tax Laws
– Case Studies: Tax Issues Faced by SMEs

Week 5: Tax Audits and Investigations
– Overview of Tax Audits
– Preparing for a Tax Audit
– Responding to Tax Queries
– Tax Investigation Procedures
– Special Topic:Analysis of Selected Tax Cases
– Case Studies: Practical Audit Scenarios and Outcomes

Week 6: International Taxation
– Basics of International Taxation
– Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs)
– Transfer Pricing
– Cross-Border Transactions and Tax Implications
– Practical Issues in International Taxation
– Special Topic: Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation
– Case Studies: International Tax Challenges and Solutions

Week 7: Tax Planning and Management
– Tax Planning Techniques
– Tax Risk Management
– Utilizing Tax Incentives and Reliefs
– Effective Tax Compliance Strategies
– Special Topic:Case Studies in Tax Planning
– Case Studies:Tax Planning Strategies in Practice

Week 8: Sector-Specific Taxation Issues
– Taxation in the Oil and Gas Sector
– Taxation in the Financial Services Sector
– Taxation in the Telecommunications Sector
– Taxation in the Manufacturing Sector
– Emerging Sectors and Tax Considerations
– Special Topic:Responding to Tax Authorities’ Queries
– Case Studies:Sector-Specific Tax Issues and Resolutions

Week 9: Tax Technology and Digital Taxation
– Introduction to Tax Technology
– Digitalization of Tax Administration
– E-filing and Digital Tax Payment Systems
– Blockchain and Its Impact on Tax
– Future Trends in Tax Technology
– Special Topic: E-filing and Digital Tax Payment Systems
– Case Studies: Implementation and Challenges in Tax Technology

Week 10: Tax Policy and Administration
– Understanding Tax Policy Formulation
– Role of Tax in Economic Development
– Tax Administration Challenges
– Policy Recommendations for Improving Tax Compliance
– Interactive Session with participants
– Special Topic: Interpreting Tax Laws
– Case Studies:Tax Policy Impacts and Administrative Challenges

Week 11: Ethics and Professional Conduct
– Ethical Issues in Tax Practice
– Professional Standards and Responsibilities
– Handling Conflicts of Interest
– Maintaining Integrity and Transparency
– Special Topic:Case Studies on Ethical Dilemmas
– Case Studies:Ethical Scenarios in Tax Practice

Week 12: Review and Assessment
– Recap of Key Learnings
– Practical Assessments and Case Studies
– Feedback and Q&A Session
– Certificate of Completion
– Special Topic: Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation
– Case Studies: Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Selected Tax Cases

Additional Benefits:
– Weekly Questions and Answers
– Guest Lectures and Expert Sessions
– Networking Opportunities with Fellow Tax Professionals

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