Taxmobile.Online Technical Tax Sessions

Sharpen your tax expertise year-round with Taxmobile.Online’s Monthly Technical Tax Session Series!

This comprehensive program keeps tax professionals up-to-date on critical and evolving issues in taxation. Each month, our sessions delve into a different technical topic, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Master complex tax subjects through focused monthly sessions.
  • Gain insights from industry experts on the latest tax developments.
  • Stay compliant and confident in your tax knowledge.


12 monthly sessions (2 hour each) over 12 months where each session will focus on a specific tax technical topic.

Sessions will include:

  • Presentation (60 minutes)
  • Case studies and group discussions (25 minutes)
  • Q & A and wrap-up (35 minutes)

Monthly Themes (repeated yearly):

  • January: Tax Legislation and Regulatory Updates
  • February: Tax Accounting and Reporting
  • March: Tax Audits and Dispute Resolution
  • April: Tax Planning and Optimization
  • May: International Taxation and Transfer Pricing
  • June: Tax Incentives and Exemptions
  • July: Tax and Financial Reporting
  • August: Tax Risk Management and Compliance
  • September: Tax Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • October: Tax Policy and Reform
  • November: Tax and Technology (including Digital Taxation)
  • December: Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

Updated Topics and Materials:

Each month, the topic will be updated with the latest developments, changes, and trends in taxation, ensuring that attendees stay current and informed.


  • Presentation slides and handouts
  • Case studies and examples
  • Relevant tax laws, regulations, and guidance
  • Q&A summary and follow-up materials

Target Audience:

Tax Professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Financial Professionals, Academics and Lawyers.